Apr 4 2014

Cebu City just minutes before Earth Hour.

Cebu City viewed from the RCPI towers at Mt. Babag, Cebu
For as long as I have no commitments for the weekend, I always want to go out for a day hike and Babag has been my favorite lately. Here’s another view of the city taken just minutes before the Earth Hour last March 29, 2014.

This time I went with my friend Anwar and new friends Johnrel, Jude and Karen.

Apr 3 2014

Sunset at Daanbantayan

Sunset taken last March 22, 2014 when I went to Daanbantayan with members of the volunteer group Tambayayong Sugbo.

Mar 13 2014

A day hike to Mt. Babag peak with friends.

It was a starry night at the view point in Mt. Babag.
A starry night over Cebu City.

Mt. Babag Day Hike Group
The group

Nov 26 2013

Taking the muddy route with dirt bikes

It’s been along time since I rode a motorcycle. So I was hesitant when my brother invited me to join him and his friends on a trail run over the hills of Bontoc, Southern Leyte. His friend lend me a Honda XRM 125. At least I don’t have to worry too much in gear shift timing. I easily got used to the basic handling of the motorcycle and was easily catching up with the group as we speed down the dirt road.

The actual dirt trail was the real challenge for me. With uphill, downhill and muddy trails, it took everything I had just to keep my balance. I fell a few times especially on downhill muddy routes when it was just too difficult for my current skills. I got stuck a couple of times in the mud too. But fellow riders were always there for the rescue.

The view at the top of the hills were breathtaking. I wish we spent a little more time at the top, but I wasn’t on photographer mode right now.

The trip back to Bontoc proper was just as difficult since most of the trail were downhill and muddy. It was like nature knew we were going to travel that route and turned the trail muddy to give us all the challenge we were looking for. Luckily we arrived back in town safe without injuries.

The ride was very exhausting but it was worth it and we had a lot of fun. Now, I’m seriously considering in buying a dirt bike. :-)

View the full photo gallery here: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjN2KXAS
View the GPX track plotted on Google Maps here: http://goo.gl/maps/i61ZE
If you want a copy of the gpx, leave a comment below and provide your email address so I can email it to you.

Nov 2 2013

Cable ties in my EDC Bag

cable tie (zip tie)
I always have a bunch of cable ties in my every day carry (EDC) bag. This habit started back during my stay in Chinatown, Singapore. I was staying in a backpackers hotel in a shared room with 2 other backpackers from Austria. While I was packing my backpack for a hike at one of the trails in MacRitchie Reservoir Park, I was busy tying stuff before putting them into my bag. One of my roommates came to me and handed me a bunch of cable ties. That made things so much easier. She gave me 5 black cable ties. I used 3 of them and kept these 2. Since then I’ve been stocking cable ties at home and always have a few cable ties in my EDC bag. For overnight backpacking, hiking and camping, I carry a pack of cable ties. :-)