Dec 22 2014

a Solo hike to the hills of Naupa, Naga and an overnight with friends.

June 19, 2014

I originally planned to go solo on this overnight backpacking trip. Later on the day, some friends decided to catch up but I still hiked the trail solo. It was a rainy day and there was a tropical storm. Luckily, it only glanced the northern part of Philippines.

As they say, there is always a first time for everything. And today, I somehow managed to reach the bus terminal, only to realize that I left my tent back at home. That was really stupid. I had to go back to home and get it.

After getting off the bus, I took a motorcycle ride to the jump off point.

The road was muddy and slippery.

By the time I started my hike, the rain was already pouring. Good thing I had my poncho. Approaching the first fork along the trail, take the one on the left.

More rain ahead

The second fork along the trail. Go right.

This is the last fork along the trail. Take the left path.

This area is your last water source.

approaching the campsite!

After an hour of hike, I got to the campsite. Setting up the single wall dome tent in the rain was a bit messy. Good thing I had dry clothes with me. After I settled in, I switch to my smaller pack and went out to do some scouting around the area. That yellow rain fly is my poncho which I setup as a rain fly so I would have some dry area where I can store my muddy boots and do my cooking.

Scouting the area, I found some good sites for tents and a small area for hammock users.


Back at the tent for dinner!

A love chilli beans!

I’m warm inside my tent. I love lighting up candles when I go out camping. They serve as a light source and they help get rid of the insects that fly around at night. I stayed warm during the night. At 560masl, I can get by using an insulation foam as my sleeping pad, no sleeping bag needed. Just some dry clothes on. I stayed dry, warm and comfy inside the tent despite the strong winds and rain outside. Condensation was minimal during my stay was minimal.

Good morning! Just an advice, be careful when leaving your boots outside your tent overnight. You never know what kind of creeper crawlies that might end up staying inside it. They might find it really comfortable. I know I should have wrapped this in plastic before leaving it outside overnight.

Breakfast and a cup of hot coffee!

I forgot to mention that I have neighbors in the campsite. My friends arrived around night time just around the time for dinner. They had their tents setup next to my tent. I didn’t bring out my camera anymore because it was raining. Anyway, here’s the campsite at day break.

We did a quick scout around and had a group photo at the top of one of the hills in the area.

Of course a self portrait is mandatory.


Break camp!

I’ll end this post with this rendered photo of a tree I found while scouting the area during day 1.

Until the next one, Thanks for dropping by!

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