Aug 2 2011

Cebu Pizzeria – Pizza Delivery from Ryan’s Pizzarelli

Papa visited us here in Cebu. I was busy with my usual chores in a Monday but I didn’t want him to go back to Leyte without spending some time together. Pops was also here for business but luckily he finished early and we had a few hours together here in the apartment before his trip back to Leyte. Tisha and I decided to just have dinner at home and just have food delivered. We decided to have pizza & calzone from Ryan’s Pizzarelli
Pizza from Ryan's Pizzarelli
We had the Harsimran’s Special and Romantico Calzone. I’m not a professional food critic, but let me just tell you the pizza they make are some of the best pizza’s in Cebu City. Check them out at Ryan’s Pizzarelli

Sep 19 2009

This guy makes pizza so fast he blurrs in my camera LoL

Calda Pizza

Taken at Calda Pizza, a popular pizzeria in Cebu City.

Sep 12 2009

Cebu Pizzeria – Calda Pizza near STC

Calda Pizza

Aug 4 2009

Cebu Pizzeria – Yellow Cab Pizza Inc.

Yellow Cab Pizza Inc.Yellow Cab Pizza Inc.

How to get to the Yellow Cab Pizza Inc.

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Jul 22 2009

Cebu Pizza! Pizzeria Bella Italia – Italian Pizzeria and Wine Bar – Cebu Restaurants

My wife and I are always on the look out for new restaurants, specifically the affordable ones in Cebu City. Those that most Cebuanos can go and eat every week and not ruin their current credit record. :lol: We were initially just going out for a pizza at Shakey’s Fuente when we happen to come across this new place at the Raintree Mall. The Pizzeria Bella Italia, an Italian Pizzeria and Wine Bar. The staff were very accommodating and the place was neat. Decorated in an Italian fashion with Italian music playing on the background.

Pizzeria Bella Italia

To the food :lol:

As usual, whenever we’re in a new place, we usually ask for the best seller of the house. The names didn’t really help me in choosing which one to order since all the names of the pizzas were in Italian. (it’s an italian restaurant I know :D ). Good thing the host was good enough to recommend to us some good choices to select from. One thing I noticed though, they only serve Pizza. No pasta options here which is something you have to consider first before going to this place. Just Pizza and drinks. They have 2 sets of menu. The Local Style Italian Pizza or student budget menu which caters to those in budget which actually doesn’t just limit to the students but most Cebuanos including me. hehe :D . Then there’s the authentic Italian Pizza menu – another term for the expensive menu or for those who are not in the budget and want pure Italian pizza. :P But don’t get me wrong, the prices are not really that high considering you are eating authentic Italian Pizza. I recommend going for the authentic instead of the local style. I mean, that’s the reason why we choose this restaurant instead of the other commercialized options available in the area.

So what’s the difference between Local Style and authentic Italian menu?
- Price. the authentic Italian cost almost twice the budget version (for Grande size)
- All pizza in the authentic Italian menu use imported ingredients from Italy = Italian flour and home made Italian Tomato Sauce with imported FRESH mozzarella cheese from Italy.

Does it make a difference? Yes it does! If you’ve been eating Italian pizza, you know that imported and fresh ingredients make a big difference compared to local cheese or commercially available tomato sauce. And most importantly, the dough. Seriously, you gotta try this place

Note: I wasn’t paid for this ok? We paid for our entire bill after and left some tip for the waitress/host. :lol:

Ok, so to our order. Since we still have plans of going to the Ice Castle right across the place for dessert after the pizza so we decided to order something light. So at the authentic Italian Pizza menu, we ordered a Grande size Pizza Prosolutto. It’s an Italian pizza with dough made from Italian flour (not frozen dough) topped with Tomato sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Oregano and the famous imported Parma Ham from Italy!.

Wait, did I mention that they cook this in an Italian Lava Stone Oven?! Wow! Sorry, No pictures, I’ll try to acquire one in my next visit. One thing to note. I mentioned not frozen because pizza restos specially the commercialized ones, prepare their dough ahead and put them in freezers. This is ok by some standards but this takes time to defrost and because of that state, you need to put oil on your pan when you cook it to prevent it from sticking to the pan. Result? an oily dough which you will notice in the commercial ones around. So, a freshly made dough using Italian flour, topped with all the good ingredients and cooked on top a lava stone! You get a thin but soft dough cooked just enough. Because the dough was not frozen, my order only took a few minutes. Again a PLUS considering I’m ordering freshly made pizza. Here’s what we got! Lami sa?!
Pizzeria Bella Italia

How was the food? The pizza was great! And based on our order, it was worth the prize. I recommend you go order the authentic Italian Pizza than the local style or you can order both and compare. If you’ve been to Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria, then I recommend you check out this place too.

Here are photo copies of their menu just in case you want to check out the price ranges.

Local Style Italian Pizza
Pizzeria Bella Italia - Menu

Authentic Italian Pizza

Pizzeria Bella Italia - Menu

Pizzeria Bella Italia is located at Raintree Mall, 528 General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City.
Telephone Number: 032 254-9623

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