Aug 6 2014

A long hike at the Babag Mountain Range 2014-07-06

I always wanted to try a different trail. After studying topographic maps of the area, I can see there are plenty of interesting places to go to. So after setting a route, I invited my hiking buddy Siopao to join me in this long trail. Of course, I always get a local guide when exploring new areas. That’s just common sense. At least that’s how I was taught back in the province. It is always important to have someone with you who is local to that area for a lot of reasons, most of which are for your own safety. Ignore those people who try to be bad asses and blaze through so called “unfamiliar areas”.  That’s their version of fun. :-)

Anyway, let’s start walking…

The Napo-Babag trail

After around 30 minutes we got off the common trail and started following the towers. There are obvious trails but foliage has grown back and started to reclaim the path. Good thing we brought the right tools to cut down a path. Here we are taking a quick photo near one of the towers.

My hiking buddy Siopao and I near one of the power line towers along Mt Babag

As we hiked further it was obvious that this path is regularly used by the locals. We can see patches of farmed lands. Some of them were just recently cleared. This trail gives you a better view of Cebu City and a lot of cool breeze of fresh air.


Someone left their toy here. :-)

Someone left their heavy equipment.

We got free mangoes from one of the workers in the area. :-)

Freshly picked mangoes!

We have reached our planned destination. This part seems to be a junction for a lot more trails to try. But most importantly, a very nice spot to observe and photograph the landscape during a sunrise and a sunset.

Our destination was the 6th tower. Here we took a break and had some snacks.

Here’s the view from this location.


We had some quick snacks since we still have a long hike ahead. I know, these are instant food, not the freshly cooked ones. But we have other plans. There’s always a time for “gourmet” cooking and a time for quick insta meals.

Our snacks/early dinner at the Babag mountain range

From this point forward, it was already raining and it quickly got dark. I was no longer able to take a lot of photos but it was a long ridge hike. There were parts that our guide Manwel was no longer familiar with the area. Some parts we began cutting paths through thick vegetation.

The path we made through the thick bushes. Trail blazing through thick vegetation in Babag

After an hour of cutting our own path, it was becoming obvious that Manwel was no longer familiar with the path. I decided to take over and call the directions. We eventually got back to an established trail and went back to hiking the ridge as planned. Along the ridge hike I spotted some boot prints of other hikers. Some breaking off trail and some going the opposite direction. Happy exploring guys! Sorry no photos here.

As we got nearer to RCPI, our path was blocked by a raging bull. Like a final boss fight in a pc game, he was in our path. Lucky for us, the bull was tied to a tree and wasn’t free to chase us around. It gave a try though. We passed RCPI and walked straight down to Babag and continued on to Mountain View area where we took a motorcycle ride back to JY Square.

We ended our long hike with a dinner at AA Bbq.

Hike details.

DISTANCE: 11.86km
DURATION: 7:18:43 hours (This includes our breaks)
More details here:
All photos are geo tagged for reference.

Until the next one.

My trusty combat boots.